June 23rd, 2013


Flomotion is available on the following stations:
London – Friday 1130pm Resonance 104.4FM WWW.RESONANCEFM.COM
Tokyo – Saturday 5pm 76.1 InterFM WWW.INTERFM.CO.JP
Ibiza and Formentera – Friday 5pm 89.9FM WWW.OPENLAB.FM
24/7 on British Airways inflight audio
May 2013 Part 1
Tracklist (artist-track-label):
Mary at Midnight – Heads Will Roll (Lossy Remix) (Mary at Midnight)
Fink – Warm Shadow (Sideshow Remix) (Ninja Tune)
Maylee Todd [...]

February 28th, 2013

Flomotion Radio: Exclusive Inch-Time Mix

Here’s an exclusive mix from Inch-Time. His latest album, Myth and Impermanence, is out now on Mystery Plays Records.
Tracklist (track-artist):
Can – Millionspiel
Legowelt – And The Beat Goes On
Even Drones – Untitled (A1)
J Velez – Floo
Tristan Coleman – Rituals Pt. 3
Inch-time – Time Of The Fire
Brian Eno & David Byrne – Very, Very Hungry
Arthur Russell – [...]

September 20th, 2012

Flomotion Radio: dissolvingPath / KanZeOn ReInspirations Mix

Flomotion loves KanZeOn  –  a brilliant and beautiful film revolving around the subjects of music and religion in Japan which explores the nature and essence of sound. The film focuses on three particular musicians on the island of Kyushu; Eri Fujii, who plays the sho, a rare and ancient Chinese bamboo wind instrument evoking the cry [...]

May 28th, 2012

DJReiki: Flomotion Radio Mix

We know, we know… it’s been a while since you’ve heard anything from flomotionradio.com, but Nick Luscombe has been traveling the globe these past few months, spreading the word and gathering incredible music along the way.
First stop was Japan, on behalf of the Musicity project, and now he’s in Singapore, where he’s met up with [...]

January 9th, 2012

Ao Inoue Mix

We’re well chuffed to bring you a brilliant mix all the way from Tokyo, courtesy of Japanese producer Ao Inoue. Find out more here and here.
Tracklist (artist / track):
Portamental (Demo)
Ge2gether (Edit) taken from “Arrow” by Beatink
Priority Shift (Edit) taken from “Arrow” by Beatink
Mad Arion (Demo)
Sad Arion (Demo)
Bat Mobile (Edit) taken from “Arrow” by Beatink
VS04 (Edit) [...]

November 25th, 2011

Exclusive Cubenx Mix

Huge thanks to Cubenx for this fantastic, exclusive mix. Find out more about Cubenx here.
Tracklist (artist / track):
Efdemin / Farnsworth House 1
Tim Xavier and Insideout / Girl On Fire
Dana Ruh / That
Guy Andres / That
Nicolas Masseyeff / Airmass
Jichael Mackson / Gedons
Niederflur / Feldstarke (Terence Fixmer Light Mix)
Masomenos / Amor Amores
Javier Orduña / lwi
Niederflur / Prisma [...]

August 12th, 2011

Deadstock 33s & Stopmakingme Mix

We’re delighted to bring you this Deadstock 33s & Stopmakingme Mix! Their new 4 track EP, ‘Gravity’, is out now on Tigersushi and it’s awesome…
The latest release from Joakim’s Tigersushi record label sees The Deadstocks 33s collaborating with Stopmakingme for an EP of 4 lush, sometimes Balearic sounding slabs of proto House dance music. Straight [...]

August 10th, 2011

Abeyuta Mix

Check out this fantastic mix courtesy of Japanese DJ and producer, Abeyuta, who’ll be appearing at the upcoming Fukushima Festival. Find out more here.
Tracklist (artist / track):
Abeyuta & Nick Luscombe / Intro
Abeyuta / Traditionalism
Abeyuta / Kami
Abeyuta / Keep It Real
Abeyuta / National Isolation ~ Fukushima
Abeyuta / The World is Yours
Abeyuta / Humanity
Abeyuta / On The [...]

August 2nd, 2011

Marcus Worgull: Stop Making Sense @ Fabric Mix

Here’s an amazing mix from Marcus Worgull, recorded live at Fabric. He’s just one of the incredible line-up for this year’s Stop Making Sense Festival in Croatia…
Click play to listen

Stop Making Sense 2011
12th, 13th & 14th August, The Garden, Petrçane, Croatia
Three days & nights of musical anarchy by the sea, in the sun and under [...]

June 29th, 2011

Exclusive Semtek Mix

We’re delighted to bring you this exclusive mix from Semtek, who’s new new track, ‘West Acyd Shelter’ (DBA004), is now available from quality record stores on 12″, and on digital download from 4th July.
Click here to buy the record, it’s brilliant. Check out more from Semtek here.
Tracklist (artist / track / label):
Rekid / Lost [...]