June 29th, 2011

Exclusive Semtek Mix


We’re delighted to bring you this exclusive mix from Semtek, who’s new new track, ‘West Acyd Shelter’ (DBA004), is now available from quality record stores on 12″, and on digital download from 4th July.

Click here to buy the record, it’s brilliant. Check out more from Semtek here.

Tracklist (artist / track / label):
Rekid / Lost Star / Classic Recordings
Unit Black Flight / No Turning Back / Strange Life
Dubbyman / Dinner with Cousteau / Deep Explorer Music
Murmur / Tap90 / Meanwhile
Biosphere / Tranquillizer / Origo Sound
Theo Parrish / First Floor Metaphor / Peacefrog
Magic Daddy / Wanderdog / Stuff Recordings
Naum Gabo / Volgograd / Eskimo
Midnight Mike / I Need You Tonight / Republic Of Desire
Rustie / Clipper / Stuff Records
Unit Black Flight / No Turning Back (Legowelt Remix) / Strange Life
Paul Frick / Into The Void / Kalk Pets
Ian O’Brien / Where Does The Past End And The Present Begin? / Peacefrog
Deep Chord / B1 / Hierophant Records
Lerosa / Arctor / Millions Of Moments
Grackle / Electronic / Strange Life
Floating Points / Love Me Like This (Nonsense Dub Mix) / R2 Records

Click play to listen

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